I'm a touring bass player, singer, composer, game designer, podcaster, and TTRPG nerd. I love to perform and entertain! I'm nonbinary and my pronouns are they/them.

Live photo of J playing bass


Photo by Alexander Schliephake

First and foremost, I'm a performer.I live to be on stage, getting a crowd worked up, and sharing in the energy of a live show. I love to play hard and fast, but I'm practiced in playing more laid-back folk shows too. I've been honing my craft since I got my first residency playing in a bar at the age of 15. I've since toured internationally.

Here's an album I wrote with my rock band, tanblonde.

Here's a collection of songs I've composed and produced for my actual play podcast, Planet Arcana.


I currently have two Zine-sized games published! You can pick up digital copies on my Itch page.CONTACT: a tabletop storytelling game in which players communicate with extraterrestrials using tarot and song.INSATIABLE CRAVINGS: a two-player roleplaying game about
meal-making, courting, and bluffing for ravenous Monsters and their hopeful Admirers.


I'm an award nominated podcast editor! At the 2023 New Jersey Webfest I was nominated for Best Editing (Actual Play) & Best Original Music (Actual Play) for my work on Planet Arcana.We won Outstanding Actual Play (Podcast) - D&D at both New Jersey Webfest and Minnesota Webfest in 2023, and won Best Game Masters at Minnesota Webfest.

You can also find my work on the Audio Drama & Actual Play Soul Operator, where I edit, sound design, and score the show.

I would love to help you edit/score/sound design/produce your audio drama or actual play! Let's get in touch.


I'd love to hear from you! I'd like to work with you too - playing bass, making games, roleplaying, editing your audio! Let's chat.

Thank you

I'll get back to you as soon as I can!